Egyptere i Finland

 Dr Ahmed Geneid, skriver fra Helsinki 
and by the way, the only thing we can do from here is to support the revolution and that is what we are doing, if any of you know any of those in the streets, tell them that even the NORTH POLE want the regime to fall.
Here is part of what we did, demonstrations, tv interviews, journal interviews, etc

News of our demonstration comes about 1:50 seconds.

In addition to the demonstration, Prof. Mohamed Ahmed and Dr Ahmed
Geneid appeared in YLE ( national TV of Finland in support of the
Egyptian revolution ).

In the main finnish journaläiset+huusivat+Mubarakia+pois+vallasta+myös+Helsingissä/1135263399467?ref=fb-share

Also news of our demonstrations

This is another TV program on the swedish speaking national TV of
finland. Exactly at the end of the first minute is the begining of part
on support of the revolution in Egypt

و هذا برنامج اخر كامل عن مناهضة المصريين في فنلندا للنظام المصري

News of our second demonstration comes at minute 4:22

photos from here