Egyptians without borders

Modtaget fra Prof. M Kassem

To All Egyptians who immigrated to the US, Canada, Australia, and Europe over the last 30 years
To All Egyptians who moved to the Gulf looking for better work opportunities over those years.
Congratulations to all of you, Egypt is back.!!

But, Egypt now needs all our help to recover from a 30-year coma.
It is time for You to pay it back !!

“Egyptians-Without-Borders” is a not-for-profit organization just established to help build a
“Bridge of Support” from Egyptians abroad to their Homeland.
We are not collecting money. We are not asking for donations.
We just want You to help Egypt now in anyway you can: Financially, with your Expertise, and/or through your Contacts:

1.      Here is how you can help Egypt Financially:
1.      Consider going back and living in Egypt, if you could.
2.      Consider retiring in Egypt, if you reached retirement age.
3.      If you are a businessman, consider moving some of your business to Egypt.
4.      Invest in Egyptian assets, if you are an investor.
5.      Move your savings to Egypt. Egyptian Pound deposits get 10% return. The Central Bank guarantees all deposits. This will help the Egyptian economy and the Egyptian Pound
6.      Buy Egyptians Mutual Funds. This will help the Egyptian Stock Market recover from its recent severe losses due to Foreign investors sell off.
7.      Buy a property in Egypt. Now is the time to invest in Egyptian real estate.
8.      Visit Egypt now with your family and friends. Go to Sharm or Hurgada. Visit Luxur and Aswan. Take a Nile cruise. You must see Tahrir Square with your kids. This will help Egypt tourism sector.
9.      Fly Egypt Air, always. It is now a member of the Star Alliance. Egypt Air planes, staff, and Terminal 3 are all now world class.
10.  Buy made-in-Egypt cars, products, clothing, frozen food, etc
11.  Get all your Egyptian ID’s issued or renewed now..We must all get/renew the Green Passport, get/renew our National ID Card, get Birth Certificates for our kids..etc. The collected fees will help, in a small way, the Egyptian government.
12.  If you have a property in Egypt, pay your Property Tax now
13.  Pay your Zakat or Ushur in Egypt and donate to any good cause there.
14.  Do at least one of the above items now.

2.      You can help Egypt with your Expertise;
1.      If you are a Professor, become a visiting professor for free in a public university
2.      If you are a Doctor, take a sabbatical to treat poor Egyptians or perform operations for free
3.      If you are a Consultant, offer your free consultation to the proper government organization
4.      If you are an Expert in any field, offer your expertise to your counterparts in Egypt for free.
5.      If you are a Teacher, teach for free in orphanages, during your school vacation.
6.      If you are a Student, teach English for free during your summer vacation.
7.      If you have other ideas contact us on<>

The least you could do is:
1.      Help spread the word:
1.      Please forward this message Now to all your Egyptians contacts outside Egypt asking them to pass it on to their own contacts. We want to reach All Egyptians outside Egypt..
2.      Send a note to all your non-Egyptian contacts telling them Egypt is safe and open for tourists. Now is the time to have a winter vacation in Egypt. Sharm, Hurgada, Luxur, Aswan, Nile Cruise are safe and on sale now.!!
3.      Contact your Egyptian Consulate/Embassy demanding that Egyptians abroad must be allowed to vote starting next election. We want to take part in shaping Egypt future.

2.      And, show that you care:
1.      Become a member of “Egyptians-without-Borders”. It is Free
2.      Just visit our page on Facebook . and press “Like”
3.      Become an active participant with your ideas and comments on our page
4.      Share our page and messages with your contacts on facebook

3.      Please go back up and act on this email now.
4.      Please forward this email to All your Egyptian contacts outside Egypt.

6.      God bless and protect Egypt.

Egyptians Without Borders.